Why I wanted to learn (at least) marketing basics?

Maybe there will be a people who will not agree with everything written here, but I am looking forward to talking with you regarding importance of marketing…

I am 25-year-old, let’s say – young entrepreneur with technology background. I quit my last job because I have entrepreneurship aspirations and I wanted to participate in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program. Before that, I worked as Cloud Solutions Program Manager/Technology Evangelist in Span. Mostly, I was working in pre-sales phase, on gathering technical requirements, proposing technical solutions, presenting solutions to clients, estimating development efforts and so. Moreover, I worked for two years as a software developer and have some project management experience.

Even though I was working in a Software Development department, I cooperated a lot with marketing and sales departments.

After 3 years, I left Span and went to Seville. There I worked with Checkealos, a company that sells their own product/solution for User Experience analysis.

Why is this important and how is it connected to the topic?

Well, I decided to go to Checkealos to learn how they do business development. I wanted to gather experience of working for a Startup. I wanted to see how they sell and how they promote their solution and company.

(OK, to be honest, I also wanted to improve my Spanish :D)

I started learning about marketing and sales even before I jumped in this „entrepreneurial shoes“ and I was wondering how could I promote or sell my services/products to the world.

In my opinion, the only possible way of doing that for new companies (without references, potential partners and clients) is to invest in marketing. This doesn’t necessary mean money. Invest time, learn and implement some great marketing practices.

It is important for big enterprises also, but importance is not that much highlighted. Without great marketing great social media presence and without presenting company as an expert in certain field, I really don’t see how can one have clients on different markets then domestic.

Marketing + Sales

My opinion is that marketing has a great importance in a brand building, lead generation and in the end – in a sales! Even though I mentioned importance of marketing I really don’t want to say that sales is not important. I want to say that there must be a strong connection between marketing and sales departments (or they can be one department?) and that these two must be equally important. They have to be equally great in what they are doing in order to generate revenue for company. Finally, the most important thing is to have amazing product or amazing service as a base for everything. Amazing product or service should be base for all future ventures/startups.

HubSpot (I will keep mentioning them in the future posts regarding Inbound Methodology) even define term „Smarketing“:

Smarketing defines strong relationship between two teams/departments with shared organizational goals.

Their research shows that companies with strong marketing and sales alignment get 20% annual revenue growth! That’s huge. These are the reasons why I wanted to learn basics of marketing. These are the reasons I want to keep learning great marketing practices.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 😊

Ivan M.

7 thoughts on “Why I wanted to learn (at least) marketing basics?

  1. Dino Reply

    Marketing and sales were one dpt and then they devided in the 60’s. Since then the cooperation betweent the two was crap 🙂 The balance of power and blame within the mkt and sales dpts is something what every organization needs to put as their high priority. In my opinion, they have about a year or so. Or they will wanish. After all, survival is optional 😉

    • Ivan Markovic Post authorReply

      I didn’t know they were one, thank you Dino! And yes, survival is optional! 🙂

  2. Visnja Reply

    Because you want this to be international, I will write in English. As you’ve decided to emerge yourself into entrepreneurial waters, before the rest of the comments, I will strongly recommend Adizes Leadership Programme (http://www.asee.biz/adizes-leadership-program-alp/), as I have finished it myself. Regarding the importance of Marketing, and especially Digital Marketing, in my opinion, it comes before Sales (and I am allowed to say this because I spent 12 years in different sales departments). Marketing is the brain, and sales are the operations. Marketing is about observing, collecting data, analyzing, making strategies for sales department (of course together with the sales team), and at the end using all data gathered and all the analytics to provide the best possible user experience in order to achieve conversions.

    • Ivan Markovic Post authorReply

      Thank you Visnja for your recommendation, I will take a look. And thank you for your comment, this blog already brings good conversations 🙂 I am glad to hear that you, from your experience, see the same importance of marketing. (Digital) Marketing is definitely top of the funnel responsible for securing good Marketing Qualified Leads/Sales Qualified Leads. As you well said, by observing, collecting data and analyzing markets. I have an idea to write more in the future regarding this.. Once again, well said and I am happy to see these conversations 🙂

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