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This is actually very first blog post and main purpose of the next sentences is to explain why I am going to start writing blog posts with some frequency (hopefully I will keep up with this).

First of all, I like to read and I am trying to read as much as I can, even though I would like to read more. I am reading books on topics like entrepreneurship, personal development, leadership, economics, marketing, sales,… Generally, variate of different topics. Moreover, I am trying to keep up with technologies I am working with.

I noticed that I cannot keep up with information I am collecting so I have started taking notes. The thing is I feel that I am still not effective as I would like to be. That’s why I decided that I am going to start writing blog posts on topics I am reading, learning and thinking about…

Why now?

I started my professional career as a developer but also worked a lot with sales and marketing departments. I am generally interested in technology as much as in other topics like marketing, sales, business development, entrepreneurship, … And since I decided that I am ready to experience entrepreneurship I even more started learning about, for example, pipeline management, inbound marketing, sales, business intelligence, content marketing,…

My idea is simple – generate and publish (valuable) content with two ideas in mind:

  1. Provide value to others interested in these topics
  2. Collect everything I am learning or working with in a format of blog posts

I am going to write about some topics I am not (yet :D) expert, so I am looking forward for interesting discussions, thoughts and potential business opportunities 😊 I am still not sure about frequency neither length of the content I want to write. At this moment I believe that it’s going to be at least weakly and short to medium long.

Feel free to contact me whenever you want with any idea or thought you have. And if you find it useful, forward and share to the people who might be interested.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 😊

Ivan Markovic

9 thoughts on “Blog post about future posts

  1. MatejaB Reply

    Big like 🙂 drago mi je da si dobio (odakle god) the final push da krenes pisati 🙂 i ja vec godinu dana zelim to napraviti pa znam kak je tesko natjerati se. jako cijenim ovo! Nadam se da ces imati zanimljivih tema da mogu komentirati 😉 keep up with the good work!

    • Ivan Markovic Post authorReply

      Final push je bio – kreneš pa šta bude 😀 Ali stvarno ,jako puno različitih tema (ne nužno zanimljivih 🙂 ) koje mi se samo gomilaju i mislim da će mi ovo biti dobar način za kvalitetno pohvatati sve što želim. Vidjeti ćemo! 🙂

    • Visnja Reply

      Congratulations! As I am minutes away from starting the same thing, I am giving you the thumbs up and keep’ve done the hardest part🙂 Good luck now and may the force of writing be with you!

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